Colonizer Shoot 'em Up

Project Description

Earths economy is running dry, and now it is time to do something about it.
You, the CEO of the World takes action and travels to a foreign planet inhabited by a giant termite race, which has all the resources you can dream of.
Armed and ready with the latest EXO-suit, carrying a vast weapon arsenal and the latest S.M.A.R.T. shield, you will be ready to wipe out their entire civilization.
Get ready to exterminate the termites.
It is time to become… the Extermitenator.

My contributions:

  • UI
  • AI on wasps/scorpions
  • Shield functionality and rendering
  • Collisionmesh on shield
  • Score system with combo + rendering
  • Upgrade- and health-pickups
  • Camera shake
  • Gameplay
  • Mouse steering/aiming

Project details:

  • 8 weeks, halftime
  • Created with own engine
  • C++
  • 3rd party tools: FMod, HGE, TinyXML
  • Created by Robot Downey Unicorns, 2015
    • 3 Artists
    • 2 Level Designers
    • 5 Programmers

Download here!