Projects made at The Game Assembly

Spare Party


Play as cute robots, unlock all the hats and dash through the levels with your best friend!
Try not to lose your head!

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First Person Shooter

Play as the cyborg Agent x10 and defeat the sinister rogue androids.
Co-Op available!

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Real Time Strategy

Ice is a 1 vs AI Real Time Strategy game set in a cold mysterious universe..

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In R.A.V.E.N. you are introduced to the brand new prototype spaceship R.A.V.E.N. With this new weapon against evil you make your way through space and battle the evil cult that has emerged from the outer sides of the universe to once more gain control of the galaxy.

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Turn-Based Strategy

Riskabelt is a Turn Based Strategy game where you as rebels of Skåne must take over Sweden. County by county.

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Shoot 'em Up

A Shoot 'em Up with features such as a deflecting shield and rocket jump!

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My Mind Is My Home

Point n' Click

My mind is my home is about a persons suppressed feelings that has finally caught up.

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